LD Forrest
Founder & Lead Creative


I’m LD Forrest, a graphic designer and solopreneur working out of Houston, Texas. I love to meet new people and see smiling faces. I encourage you to follow me on your social platform of choice (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) or if you've got a project to discuss, lets grab coffee and talk it over!

My Approach

Whether you’re a Fortune 500, a budding non-profit, cutting edge startup or a rock and roll outfit releasing your first record, my mission is simple: help brands find their authentic self.

Through some friendly conversation I’ll ask about your goals, ambitions, details about your quirky back-story or how you put it all on the line to make this next big leap to reach your dreams. With lots of questions, astute listening and some good old-fashioned research I’ll help you discover the core message that most resonates with your audience.

We’ll use this newly gained knowledge to evaluate what course of action is best to achieve your goals. This could mean a snazzy new logo, a color palette refresh, a change in messaging or expanding to a new medium to stay in touch with your audience or maybe just tuning things up a bit.

Together we'll create materials and executions that spark an emotional connection between your customers and your brand, leveraging the values they love about you to help build loyalty and set you on a path to achieve your long-term business goals.

A Love for what I Do

With an insatiable passion for all things creative, I am always learning new skills, tricks and trends. Staying aware of current design trends also allows me to adapt the latest look or purposely rebel against trends – whichever is most needed for your project. Whether you’re looking to stand out or fit in, I’ll bring an array of tools and expertise to your project.

I’ve won awards for branding, marketing, advertising and corporate communication, I’ve had work featured in design and advertising publications and I’ve been honored to work solo or as part of a team to bring great events and happenings to Houston..

I look forward to the opportunity to put my expertise to use for you. Tell me about your project or ask a question.

Professional Guarantee

I deliver high-quality materials, on schedule, ready to perform for your brand, product or company. I guarantee a professional experience from step one to done. Clear communication, a listening ear, an eye for detail and a defined roadmap to get from project-start to project-complete will help make sure we both succeed and enjoy our time working together. The first step to getting your project started is saying hello - Let’s change the world.

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I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your project. Send an email or use the form to say Hi!

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